Skyline EP

by cera

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See where cera got their start!

Whether you're an old fan who asks us to play one of these songs every time we play a show, or a new fan who didn't know that we used to be heavier, scream, and play solos, now is a great time to help us get to record a new album by checking out our very first!


released November 5, 2008

Drums by Cale MacDonald.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Jamie Bell.
Album art by Gordon Price.



all rights reserved


cera Prince George, British Columbia

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Track Name: 11:59
If I could raise the dead, we'd all seem alive.
We'd walk through our lives with our heads held high,
but I can't so we don't.
We wonder why when we set back our clocks,
we're still stuck in time.

You know this is everything,
You know this can't be.

It's 11:59 and we're starting over.

Lick at your lips and taste what regret has left.
Everyone is gone, and the light of the day is leaving us.
Hold up your head and harbour your own breath.
Everyone is gone, and they won't wake up again.

It's 11:59 and we're starting over again.
Track Name: Of Faith And Grace
We can sing to our heart's content
Of the love we've lost and what we've done for it.
Though it's far past a little too late,
We think to ourselves "this is something I wanna save."

So you say I wrote the only book on living alone,
But you don't know those nights I spent
Alone in my head, wondering what I have done for this.

Sing along, and know you'll never see the end of this.

Now I'm alone, 'cause I'm not alone in your head.
I close my eyes and all I see is you and me in the end.
Something feels wrong about this, a life with ignorance, but a life without bliss.
If I'm ever up to having faith again, I'll never have a saving grace again.
Track Name: Ready Boys, Let's Go To The Mattresses
It's been such a long, long time, and still none of us are free.
With every lash on our back, we still find a reason to be alone.

Your eyes were born open, so why would you close them just to see something you're not sure is there?
There's no one waiting for you.

All the boxes in the world couldn't hold the things I'd like to burn with you.
Take back every line you took from me, just burn.

Betrayal's such a simple word to mean so many things.
You could mouth it as the avalanche you started runs you through.
As the song he sang fills up your ears, as you lose sight of everything you know,
I hope you hear the song I sing.
Track Name: Past & Present Tense
So think back to the time we walked these streets as strangers.
Put your heart to mine.
With it held so close, I can't see a thing at all
Can we picture ourselves as something more?

But don't forget, I was yours to begin with.
If you don't go, then we would never know would we?

Breathe in deeply, under your spell, this hell is all I know.
Could I be the one to take a chance or will I be left behind?
It comes so easy but it goes so hard, you came so easy but you left so hard.
Your eyes pierce right through me, intent on removing my insides.

You're all I know, but you're barely out the door.
Keep my heart close by your side, but don't keep your heart closed.