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by cera

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released October 23, 2009



all rights reserved


cera Prince George, British Columbia

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Track Name: Sunshine
There's a map to your life on the back of your eyelids.
If you ever can't find your way,
Close your eyes and
Find your way home.

I'll never let you down,
I'll never let you fall apart,
I'll never say your name, sunshine.

If I die, can it be on a day
When I was me, and you were you?
As I fall asleep, you'll whisper to me "baby..."

I'll take you under my wings, we'll fly to the sun
And cleanse our bodies there, as the fire we've become.
Light consumes our eyes as we pull each other close.
Our bodies drift as ash, we're together forever as ghosts.

Oh love, come home to me.
I'm burning for you.
Come down, come down, come down and see the sun.
Track Name: Sonic Adventure
Would you dance with me, even though I lost the war?
With everything behind me, this feels farther than before.
Would you sing with me this one last time,
or have I lost my place with you?

This is the last time I'll ever see this through,
This is the last time I'll ever have to lay with you,

{I never should have left before I knew
Now I have to say before I go}
You're all I know, so please don't go.

Put your heart to mine, cause you know that
Soon I'll be leaving you.
Give me just one kiss and we'll say goodnight
Cause I might be gone for good.

As I fall to face the sun,
I'll see you, darling, there.
When my heart decides it's done,
I'll hold you in my arms.